Diversity & Cultural Factors in Psychology: Course Description

A study of the issues and influences related to gender, sexual orientation, and the major racial/ethnic and cultural groups in the United States and how they affect theoretical and research paradigms in psychology and clinical and counseling practices.  The course expands the students’ frame of reference concerning human diversity and applies this knowledge to counseling and research issues in psychology.

Introduction to Cross Cultural Psychology

  • Analyze the relationship between cultural psychology and cross cultural psychology.
  • Discuss the role of critical thinking in cross-cultural psychology.
  • Discuss the methodology associated with cross-cultural research.
  • Compare and contrast traditional and nontraditional cultures.
  • Explain the differences among values, beliefs, and behaviors.

Sociocultural Nature of Individuals I

  • Discuss the roles of cognition, emotion, and motivation in cross cultural psychology.
  • Analyze theories related to intelligence.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of intelligence testing.

Sociocultural Nature of Individuals II

  • Discuss the relationship between human development and socialization.
  • Examine psychological disorders.

Social Cognition and Interaction

  • Explain the relationship between social perception and social cognition.
  • Discuss the concept of conformity as it relates to cross cultural psychology.

Critical Issues in Cross Cultural Psychology

  • Discuss the application of cross cultural psychology to other disciplines.
  • Examine emerging issues in cross cultural psychology.
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