Environmental Psychology: Course Description

In this course students will learn about the interaction between people and their environments; how our behavior affects our environment; and how that environment, in turn, influences our own behavior.  An emphasis will be placed on developing behavioral solutions for environmental problems.

Person-Environment Relationships

  • Define the discipline of environmental psychology.
  • Compare and contrast major theoretical approaches in the field of environmental psychology.
  • Explain the importance of research in the field of environmental psychology.
  • Analyze the impact of current events on the field of environmental psychology.

Ecological Issues of Stress

  • Explain the physiology and psychology of stress.
  • Evaluate the impact of environmental stressors on individuals.
  • Analyze relations between technology, change, and environmental stress.
  • Evaluate the effect of natural disasters on individuals.

Global Populations

  • Analyze the effects of population density on individuals.
  • Examine the effects of noise as an environmental pollutant.
  • Analyze the concepts of personal space and territorialism.
  • Explain the importance of nature in relation to the urban environment.

Application of Environmental Psychology

  • Analyze the importance of sustainable development.
  • Describe how architecture impacts behavior.
  • Examine the psychological associations related to commercial and residential design.

Environmental Preservation: The Future

  • Evaluate methods for managing the environment.
  • Assess the economic, political, and legal implications of environmental issues.
  • Explain the relationship between psychology and the preservation of the environment.
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